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who is Revel?


Meet Revel. She is intelligent*, daring, fun, and...well...a little rebellious. We hope you agree and find our clever rebɘl™
products as edgy and fun as we do.

*clever: showing intelligence or skill; ingenious

made in the USA

It has not been easy to find them, but all of our products are made in the United States - including the tags inside our shirts and on our hats! As we expand our inventory of products, it is our goal to continue to support American products, businesses and their employees. 

what's up with the backwards ɘ ?

We think everyone should be able to read. The backwards "e" represents our tribute to someone near and dear to us who has Dyslexia - and anyone else who struggles with learning how to read. A percentage of our net profits will be donated to organizations that support Dyslexia and other learning disabilities.

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